Top 3 Habits of Highly Successful People

Top 3 Habits of Highly Successful People
Top 3 Habits of Highly Successful People

My 2nd Year of Engg. is over. It was a fine summer vacation before my college reopened this month. Instead of doing programming stuff (my main field of study), I spent some time reading books this time. I've been reading books of some of the most successful and unsuccessful people in the world. You might question why unsuccessful? Why the heck should I read books written by unsuccessful people? Do I want to fail? Well, this is my answer to that - You learn more from unsuccessful people than from successful ones. Don't get me wrong here. Of course, successful people share their own shares of success stories and inspire our minds but, what most of them miss out is the unshared experience of serial failures. While, unsuccessful people share what made them fail in life - what you should avoid doing.

Extracting from both the domains, I'm writing the top five habits which I've noticed all the successful people had in common.

1. Speed of Implementation

Successful people share this common trait of absorbing information and act on it as quickly as possible - mostly, immediately. Whenever they get an idea (by reading books, Internet articles, or from friends), they work on it right away. Like there is no tomorrow! Whenever they learn something, they just Boom! It's done! There's a proverb I'd like to add here:

"Thinking without action and action without thinking are the roads to failure"

However, most of the successful people I've read about and noticed, have disobeyed this quote themselves. Sometimes you need to be a little reckless and don't need to dive into the endless thoughts of "Should I do it? What if it goes wrong? What if I lose? What will people say? What will people think?" and on and on. Your body knows more about you than your brain. Sometimes your brain just underestimates your potential based on your past experiences but your body doesn't. I can link it with Nassim Taleb's book Antifragile where he experimentally proved that your body can predict more of future events and prepare for it than your brains. (read it if you get a chance).

We usually believe that successful people think a lot before taking any action. But the truth is surprisingly, exactly the opposite. They don't think too much. They just do it. If it gets right, they win. If it gets wrong, they learn. Win - Win.

2. Strict time management

There's a quotation I read somewhere (can't remember where): "Work hard from 5 am to 10 pm, not 10 pm to 5 am". Some people work in nights because they think they can concentrate better in silence (not to mention, I was once one of them) but on the long run, this causes more harm than profits. No matter how much work you get to do, try to do it in the daytime. That's how we people are programmed, for maximum efficiency.

Now, allow me to connect ideas with time management with respect to the previous context.

There are times when you have a busy schedule but you get an idea, you write it down on your To-Do list to do it later (contradicting to the 1st point). In that case, I have a tip for you: From your list, try and find the works which can be done under 2 minutes and finish it immediately. I got this idea from David Allen's book "Getting Things Done". He showed the power of this 2 Minute Rule. And trust me, its super effective!

Here's my experience with that: I usually reach home late (From college in Greater Noida to home in Noida). And when I reach home, I'm greeted with multiple works to do. College works, web development works, app development works, few household works like filling the water bottle, taking shower, getting uniform ready for the next day, some physical exercise etc. I simply set the list in priority of duration required to finish them, and first do the ones which require the least amount of time (< 2 minutes). And later, move on to the stuff that require more time. This way, I end up doing more things, in less time than, less things in more time. Just give it a try, you'll notice the difference!

3. Exceptional energy and regularity

Almost all of the successful people are super-super active. They just don't know what tiredness is. They sleep early no matter what. They wake up early. They work 16-18 hours a day! Like literally, grinding, hustling, falling, getting up again, doing it again. Making it happen. When they're in their work zones, they act like, you know machines! Even when they're in trouble, they try to fix it themselves without aiding support from others. Now, I remember a quote from Lou Holtz that, again, I'd like to add here:

"Don't share your problems with others: 80% don't care. 20% are happy to know you have those problems."

Relax! I'm not saying not to share your problems with your best buddies. If you truly trust someone, there's nothing better than getting their advice during the tough times. However, most of the people don't really care about others' problems. They have their own to deal with.

While average people, on the other hand, they just keep complaining about their 9 hours shifts! They procrastinate. They make a big mess out of their routine which is actually much simpler otherwise.

Don't be one of them. Become the former.

Another special trait that most of the successful people posses is their punctuality and regularity with their work. Whatever they do, big or small, they do it regularly. Persistence is one of the most underrated traits of successful people.  There's a little rhyme that I saw on my sister's Instagram upload earlier this week:

"Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
and the pleasant land."

When I started blogging, I used to look at some of my favorite Entrepreneurs blogs and see the amount of page-views they received. They received 1 million+ page-views. I wondered, how did they achieve this much? Then I looked at their blog age. They were built some 10-12 years before I started blogging. Harsh Agarwal, the greatest Blogger from India started really small. Not that he didn't face any competition but he wrote at least 1 article every single day. And today, he's an idol for so many Entrepreneurs around the world. Seriously, this is where contagious persistence takes you.

Many of us start, but only a few make it to the end. And those who do, are called THE WINNERS.

Thank you!

Gautam Kabiraj

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