Search / Use Google like a genius!

Alright, there's no denying the fact that all of us use Google. Well, why not? It's like the whole world on your finger tip! But, there has always been a difference between normal people and geniuses. Geniuses also use Google, just like normal people do. Then what makes them genius anyway?
That lies in the method they use Google. To get more accurate result, in less time, with less hassle.

Here are some amazing tips on how to achieve that:

1. Quotation Marks " "

Use quotes in your search box to find the exact set of words together.
Example: A search for "apples and oranges" will yield result having sentences with words "apples and oranges" like, "I love both apples and oranges".
Otherwise, the result might include words "He had apples and her sister had oranges".
See the difference?

google search screenshot

2. Dashes -

Use a dash symbol ( - )  before a word to exclude it from your search results.
Example: If you search for "apple -fruit", it'll exclude all the result having the word "fruit".

google tilde search use

3. Tilde ~

You can use a tilde symbol before a word to include results with its synonyms.
Example: ~holiday sports
This search will also bring result for "vacation sports". 

4. site:<query>

Use site: to search within a specified website.
Example: invisible folder
This query will search for "invisible folder"

5. Double periods ..

Use two periods between two numbers to set a range of date
Example: hollywood movies 2010..2016

6. related:<query>

Use related: to find websites that are related to the specified website

Now you are a search genius!
Enjoy Googling, and have a nice day! ;)


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