Record Windows problems using PSR [Windows 10/8.1/8/7]

We all have faced situations when while trying to change something on Windows, or installing new hardware or doing a project, we face some difficulties and are unable to solve. We quickly try to contact the Tech guy as soon as possible. However, upon their question on what went wrong, we start to stammer.

Today I'll show you a way though which you can show / send them exactly what went wrong, what the error message says and everything, with steps and pictures.

This is achieved by a built-in feature in Windows called Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

To start the recorder,

1. Press Window + R keys together

Record Windows problems using PSR 1

2. Type in psr and click OK

Record Windows problems using PSR

3. Press Start Record button

4. Now continue doing what you were doing. When something goes wrong, click Stop Recording.

5. When you're satisfied, Save the zip file with a name somewhere. Share the file with whomever you want to discuss your problem with!

Thanks for reading!


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