How to unsubscribe all the useless mails quickly? (from social network sites and others)

Today, I'm sharing a little but highly effective trick that can save you lot of time. I'm guessing there are more people than just me who are tired of seeing hundreds and thousands of unwanted mails getting delivered to their inbox everyday. This not only makes it harder to look for the important mails in the inbox but, your inbox finally turns into an unmanageable trash-box and sooner or later, you stop checking for mails altogether.

Luckily, there's this awesome service that I found (free, of course) that can help you unsubscribe all those useless mails easily and quickly.

Unroll me

All you have to do is:

1. Visit their site.
2. Fill in your E-mail address and other details.
3. You'll soon receive a complete list of mails that are flooding to your inbox everyday, just click unsubscribe against them and voila!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to share, comment, and express your experience!

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