How to know if someone has read your message with Read Receipt disabled on WhatsApp?

 WhatsApp read message

When a message gets delivered to the receiver, you see a double tick. And when they read the message, the double tick becomes blue. However, if the receiver has disabled/turned off 'Read Receipt' option on their WhatsApp settings, you can only see a double tick after sending a message whether they've read it or not. Thus, making it impossible to guess whether they've seen the message or not.

Let's make it possible. Today, I'll show you a small trick with the help of which, you'll be able to know whether or not they have read your message. It works 95% of the times.

  1. First of all, type and send your desired message.
  2. Here, I'm using a Windows Phone to illustrate it, it works the same way on Android and iOS devices.
  3. Record a 3-4 seconds audio and send it after sending the messages.
  4. Next, when they see your messages, there's a high chance that they'll play your recorded audio.
  5. As soon as your recording is played, the audio message will show double blue tick on your phone (as shown below). Notice that all the text messages have grey double tick except the audio message.
  6.  Screenshot:
    WhatsApp chat
  7. Voila! This also confirms that they've read the above messages!
Thanks for reading! Don't forget to share! Sound off in the comments below how it worked for you!


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