How to create your own HTTP file server in just 2 minutes (using Python)?

 Create your own HTTP Server

Ever been in a situation where you need to copy some files from one computer to another, both connected to the same Wi-Fi but have no LAN?

Then this small trick shall come to your rescue!

Following these steps, you can easily create an HTTP file server in less than two minutes:

  1. Install Python on your computer if you don't have already:
  2. Now, open your console window (Command Prompt in Windows, Terminal in Linux/Mac OS)
  3. Enter the follow command (for Python 3-):  python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  4. Enter the follow command (for Python 3+):  python -m  http.server 8000
Ubuntu HTTP Server

That's all! You have just created your own HTTP file server.

Now all you have to do is, open the web browser on another computer and go to:

File Directory

IP address of your host computer can be found by pressing Window key + R and type ipconfig and hit Enter. IPv4 Address is your IP address.

Thanks for reading! Share and enjoy!


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