Does AMOLED screen really save battery?

Amoled screen phone

If you happen to rock a phone with an AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, I bet, you'll find this news really interesting. AMOLED displays, unlike other display technologies (IPS/LCD/LED) has an advantage when it comes to giving you some extra juice out of the battery.

If you choose a black theme, wallpaper, screen saver etc, you'll end up getting some extra battery backup. This happens because on AMOLED screens, when a pixel has to be turned black, instead of turning the color of the pixel black, the LED present at that particular pixel gets turned off.
On the other hand, on LCD and other displays, the pixels ain't turned off. Only the colors of the pixels get black when required. This shutting down of pixels help you get some extra on-screen time.

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