Buy and Sell Domains to Make Money Online
Buying and selling domains is just like buying and selling land properties. You buy cheap, sell expensive. It doesn't even demand much of a technical skills. All you should be aware of beforehand is how to register a domain on (or other domain servers), make it premium, and later sell it to someone who's ready to pay your premium price tag.

What is a domain?

A domain is basically a web address, a name post-fixed by .com, .net, .in, .org etc.
Example:,, are all domains.

What's the benefit of buying a domain?

You can purchase domains from for your own business, product, service or to sell the domain itself to a third party later sometime.

However, it's a Hit-Or-Miss thing. Before I chose for my domain address, I tried a couple hundred others for availability. To my surprise, most of the domains I could think of was already taken. But, were those domains running websites? Nope. Some people knowingly bought them up so that they could sell them alter someday for a hefty price.

Initially, I wanted to name my site I checked for the availability of the address and guess what? It was a premium domain (means it was bought up by someone but not used) and was open for sell at Rs 3,35,503.36 (about $5500).  Now, if only I could afford that much, I would've bought that domain due to my keen interest in it. Here's a screenshot of that:

TechTalks availability on GoDaddy

Some of the most expensive domains ever sold, are:

  • ($35.6m)
  • ($18m)
  • ($16m)
  • (£9.99m)
  • ($14m)
  • ($11m)
  • ($9.5m)
  • ($8.5m)
  • ($7.5m)
  • ($7.5m)
  • ($7m)
  • ($5.5m)
  • ($5.5m)
  • ($5.1m
  • Clothes ($4.9m)
  • ($4.8m)
  • ($3m)


Could you notice something from the above list? Right, all the domains except are common nouns! So, if you believe you have something in your mind that some company would die to buy some day, you may want to reserve that domain right away! "An Idea an change your life" ;)

What do you think about this idea? Share your views in the comments below!


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