70 Free Ways To Increase Instagram Followers And Likes

70 Free Ways To Increase Instagram Followers And Likes
70 Free Ways To Increase Instagram Followers And Likes
Sometimes, we don't get the number of likes we deserve for our post. A newly joined, but talented artist may not get as much likes as an old, less talented artist just because he's new in Instagram and doesn't have as much followers.

Fortunately, there are many free and effective ways to increase Instagram likes. In this article, I'm going to explain the top 70 effective, technically applied, and research-found ways to increase the number of followers and likes of your Instagram account.

1. Time of post. Time of post matters a lot, based on your demographic location. If most of your followers belong to the region you live in, then you need to consider the timing of post even more. Say, you live in the US, and most of your followers are from US as well. In that case, you should upload new photos, or make posts during the evenings.5 to 8 pm has been found to be the best time for catching the most attention. This is when people usually return from their work and often check their phones for new stuff. Now, consider another situation where you're from the US but most of your followers are from Asia. In this case, you need to make posts up early in the morning between 5 and 7 am.

2. Use popular hashtags. You may already know this. But, many of our readers may not know. Using popular hashtags increase the visibility of your posts. Also, these hashtags should also be related to your uploads. Just because a hashtag is popular doesn't mean you can use it wherever you want. For example, using a popular hashtag like #blackandwhite on a colored photo won't bring you any likes.
Some of the most popular hashtags are: #instalike #instafollow #l4l (like for like) #f4f (follow for follow), #instamood, #instacool, #instaclick, #photooftheday, #tbt etc.
We recommend you to use one of the popular Hashtag apps available on your phone's play store or app store. These apps help you in suggesting the hashtags you should use to increase your likes. Many of them even feature categorized tags. Here's one:

3.  Give and Take. Yes, I mean it. Just as Adam Grant said in his book 'Give and Take', you can really get a lot of followers just by giving likes. Just start to like random pictures of people having common interests with you. One of the most popular Instagram user Neil Patel revealed that for every 17 likes he gave, he received 1 new follower (on an average)!

4. Hunt Recent Comments. Go to any popular page and look at the recent comments which were posted few minutes ago. Send follow requests to as many of those people as possible. You'll soon start to see your followers boosting up!

5. Make you profile look attractive! It's said first impression is the last impression. Well, admit it or not, it really works that way. Your profile must look neat and beautiful to catch new followers. One of the most popular techniques is to use an emoji before writing an label on your profile. Say, if you're a chocolate lover, use a chocolate emoji before writing 'chocolate lover'. Do the same for 'single', 'music lover', 'traveler', 'swimmer' etc.

6. Link your profile. Link your profile with Facebook and twitter from your Instagram account settings. Every time you make a new post, make sure to auto-share the same post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help your Facebook and Twitter friends / followers find and follow you on Instagram.

7. Promote your profile. Whenever you make a new post on your other social media profiles, drop in your Instagram profile link at the bottom and ask your friends to follow you there for updates.

8. Target famous people. If your post, by any chance, is positively related to a celebrity or a famous person, make sure to tag them. If they find your post popular and re-gram it, you'll literally gain, hundreds and thousands of new followers overnight.

9. Hold contests. Holding contests is one of the quickest ways to gain new followers and likes. You need to make a new post with the contest details and ask your audience to tag at least 3-5 of their friends in the comments, ask them to like all the posts on the given page, and re-gram the original post. It goes viral much quicker than you imagine.
Warning: Holding fake contest can result in suspension of your Instagram account and I highly warn you not to do that.

10. Share your views! Like, and most importantly, comment on others' photos. People love comments more than likes and chances are they will return you the favor in the form of likes, comments or followers.

11. Search and follow. Search for people with #f4f, #followme, #likeforlike etc and follow them. Many of them will follow you back or like your posts.

12. Make posts periodically. The more you upload pics, the greater the chances of gaining more followers. If you don't have much time, even 2 posts per week would do. But remember, don't upload just because you need to upload. It should be worth liking by others.

13. Keep only the best. Just as you don't expect to see crap in a resort hotel, people don't want to see crap in your profile. Remove those unnecessary food pictures and shaky images and make your profile look professional!

14. Use this filter! Try to use Mayfair filter as much as possible. According to Fortune 500 Instagram Report, this filter is mostly liked by marketers.

15. Use relevant keywords. If you run a company or want to advertise a product, use the keywords relevant to your product in your bio of your profile page. Make sure not to add too many of them or it'll look spammy.

16. Engage with your audience. Frequently ask some questions related to their interests as captions in your uploads. Like "What do you think of this place?", "Have you guys tried this coffee before?", "Which breed of cats do you like?" etc.

17. Post on weekends. On weekends, people finally get time to spend with their family and on social media. Take this time to your advantage and make some posts on weekends!

18. Use blue color! Photos with more amount of blue color performs 24% better than those with higher amount of red or green.

19. Light domiates dark. According to a study by Curalate Groups, bright images are liked 25% more than images with dark background!

20. Don't rush: Many of the posts take time to receive likes. Don't try to edit your old photos and add more hashtags. These newly added hashtags won't be re-indexed and might decrease your post value.

21. Advertise on chat messengers. If you use WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Hike or other messengers, you can post your Instagram profile link for some more followers.

22. Upload engaging photos. Upload some stuff, once in a while, that people would like to share with their friends. Like, some rare facts, some breaking news snap, some news from WikiLeaks etc.

23. Use Instagram DM. Direct Message is one of the most underrated feature of Instagram. Instead of using other chat apps, use the DM feature to bring your friends to Instagram. This will help you increase the visibility of your newly added photos to them.

24. Break down stories with intervals. If you've got to tell a lot about what happened with you today, you don't need to upload all the pics at once. Instead, separately upload 3-4 posts in a gap of at least 20 minutes. Instagram timeline flows really fast, and in case your friends follow a lot of people, it'll flow even faster. In such cases, this comes really useful.

25. Create your own hashtags. You don't always need to follow the crowd. If your name is Adam White Johnson, create a new hashtag like #AWJphotos which weren't already available. This will help your audience see all your posts at once!

26. Follow the users suggested to you. To get the the suggested feature, you need to go your profile settings (the small gear icon on the top of your profile), then click "Find and invite friends", after that, choose "Suggested users". There's a very high chance these users will follow you back because they're the ones suggested by Instagram itself.

27. Take photos in mild light. According to a study by Union Metrics, most of the liked photos were taken in mild daylight (not during bright light or too low light).

28. Take advantage of geotagging. This is a feature which very few people care about, often underestimating its potential. If you live in a busy city, this could be even more useful. Whenever you upload a new picture, tag the location it was taken in. When someone uploads a new picture by tagging that location, your photo will also appear on the map of that region. This increases the chances of your photo being visible by them and hence, liked by them.

29. Piqora. This is one of the most amazing services ever. Using Piqora, you can easily find out which genre of photos are trending the most on Instagram. Once you find that out, you can upload more such pics to increase your followers list.

30. Monetize your photos using Gramgrab. Gramgrab.com is a web application that can help you see all your photos information just by hovering your mouse over each of your photos. Using this tool, you can identify which photos are getting the most likes and which are getting the least. Next time you upload a photo, try to use those hashtags and styles which got you the most likes.

31. Use GIFs to attract audience. GIF images have seen an ultimate resurgence in the recent years. When people see a GIF image instead of a regular static one, they're more likely to click that image. DSCO is an amazing app (for iOS) that can help you create short GIFs to be shared on Instagram quickly and efficiently. If you're on Android, you can use GIF camera to create GIF images instead of DSCO.

32. Make you photos look professional. You can make you photos look professional by using Priime (exclusive to iOS). What puts Prime from other photo editing apps is its ability to suggest you the best filter for your photo based on the photo composition, saturation, lightnings, exposure, color palette and more.

33. Post consistently. They say, "Consistency is the key to achieve anything big". It's  the same for Instagram too. To maintain your followers list and to grow more, you need to be consistent with your posts. Later is a free service that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts and auto-post on the scheduled time. Its also one of the most trusted apps used by many business companies which need their products to be advertised periodically.

34. Don't be shy. Ask your influencers to mention your name. If there are any such people on Instagram who have used your service, product or anything, ask them to do a favor by mentioning your name in any of their posts. Remember, be polite on your side when you're requesting for a favor.

35. Use your username as signature. Whenever you send an email from your Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook mail, make sure to add a signature of your Instagram account link. A better idea is to use your account link as the default signature. You can easily add one signature to your mail settings (if not already) from your email settings menu.

36. Utilize reddit. If you have a Reddit account (the most popular online discussion community), you can put your Instagram account link in the signature area. People reading your threads hold a high chance of visiting your profile from that link.

37. Engage, a lot! I can't stress this enough. You really need to engage as much as possible. According to IDC reports, people who spend 2+ hours on Instagram daily get 40% more followers and 25% more likes, compared to those who spend less than an hour. If Instagram is really important to you or your business, you want to spend a lot more time than before.

38. Make collages for more engagement. Use an app like Layout to make collages having multiple photos. This increases your chances of getting likes because, a user may or may not like a photo singly uploaded by you but when there are multiple photos within one photo, even if they like a single photo from the group, you'll get the like!

39. Upload on Wednesdays. According to Forbes, photos uploaded on Wednesdays usually get slightly more likes than on other days.

40. Use your face. According to Postplanner, photos which have face included, gain 35% more likes than those which don't. So, the next time you try to take a photo, make sure to include your face and not just body parts!

41. Use these hashtags for selfies. A data revealed by mediabistro.com shows that these are the top most used hashtags for selfies that gain the most likes (ordered by usage): #selfie, #selfies, #selfiesunday, #selfiesaturday, #selfienation, #selfiee, #selfiesfordays, #selfiecenral, #selfiemonday

42. Use word 'comment'.  A research suggest that using the word 'comment' in your upload captions actually increase your comments count!

43. Respect your followers. Whenever you receive new followers, whether you follow them back or not, make sure to like their new uploads. This will keep them engaged and won't unfollow you. You can use an app like InstaFollow to check who unfollowed you and who started following you.

44. Tag relevant people. Whenever you upload a picture that you can relate to any of your friends, make sure to tag them. This will help those people see your upload and like it.

45. Take advantage of NYC. New York city is the world's most geotagged city in Instagram. Which means, it has been geotagged by most of the uploaders than any other place on Earth. Next time when you upload a picture, you may tag this location to increase some visibility. But don't do that too often.

46. Use Instagram in Instagram. Instagram is the most followed profile on Instagram! Take this to your advantaage and add hashtag #instagram on your best posts!

47. Tag your events. If you've been to an event recently, try to tag well known Instagram from that place. Having links with popular Instagrammers is a great way to get some more likes!

48. Share behind the scenes images. People love to see what you don't share out of your professional life, just as you do! Try and share some pictures that are not-so-professional yet fun in some way or the other!

49. Regram. This is one of the best techniques to gain popularity. Re-upload your follower's images by giving credits and linking to their pages. They may do the same to return you the favor!

50. Promote through Email. Frequently, attach any of your recent Instagram uploads to a mail you're sending to someone and link that image to your Instagram account.

51. Don't filter anything! Some research suggest that images with no filters generate a lot more likes than those with filters. #NoFilter

52. Promote on products. Use your Instagram username or hashtags on physical products like pens, bottles, books, etc.

53. Use edges. Use as much edges as possible! Research suggests that pictures having a  lot of edges generate a lot more likes than those without.

54. Allow guest posts. If you know some good Instagrammer, ask them to write a guest post for you. This will, not only increase engagement with them and your followers but you'll also receive many new followers.

55. Follow 'em all! Follow all of your facebook friends and they'll possible follow you back. Just go to your profile, click on the gear icon on the top-right of your profile and choose "Find friends on facebook"

56. Share your thoughts. Don't forget that Instagram is a social media just like your Facebook and Instagram. Often share your thoughts through captions of your pictures. This will help you in engaging with your audience.

57.  Tell some story about yourself. Utilize your picture captions to tell some interesting story. When you tell a story, it helps your make an emotional link with your brand, product, self, and others. Besides, an interesting story also increases the odds of your image being shared to others by those who read it.

58. Avoid over-editing. A study has found that images with low levels of colors got much more likes that those with vibrant colors. Almost 600% more!

59. Track your growth. Use an app like Iconosquare to track how you're doing. This will help you study which images get the most likes and hence, post more such images more often!

60. Like and like! Use the word 'like' in your post. Images including that word really generates more likes that those without it!

61. Customize your pictures. Use some photo editing app like Aviary or Pixlr Express to crop your photos, adjust viewing space, size etc to do some pre-editing before uploading to Instagram.

62. Post quotes. People love quotes. Especailly, inspirational quotes. Post some quotes often to inspire people and maintain a healthy relationship with them. You can find a lot of inspiring quotes here.

63. Have a mastermind. Don't try to rush things. Plan with your strategy, prepare with your contents and finally act. There's nothing more important and most underrated sense, than common sense.

64.  Analyze your audience. Use an app like Crowdfile to check how your posts are doing with your audience. This will help you maintain a mass number of followers in the long run.

65. Follow these colors. Photos with grays, blues and greens receive more likes than those with pink, yellow and orange.

66. Use bright photos. Bright photos get much more likes that dark photos. Next time you upload a photo, make sure its not too dark!

67. Busier photos get more likes. Photos having a busy background receive more likes than photos with plan, bland, background.

68. Grow a community. Build up a community using a single hashtag. Tell your followers to use that hashtag when they post something. It'll help you create a virtual community of people having same interests and tastes.

69. Co-operate. Nothing beats the power of co-operation. Find people having similar number of followers as you. Ask them to tag your username in their posts and you do the same. This works much more efficiently than people think it does.

70. Network effectively. Last but not the least, try to network with people within your league, usually having higher followers count than you do. Build a relationship with them. Leave insightful comments on their posts and start developing a good relationship.

In the end, remember that having a huge number of followers mean nothing if you don't engage or interact with them. To keep up with your followers, you need to be active as much as possible and make them believe that you do count in their followers list.

Thank you for reading! Please comment to share your views! And don't forget to share the article the article itself! ;)

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