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The fact that you're reading this article indicates you're aware what Swagbucks is and how it works. If you're not sure about that, please read my previous article on Swagbucks and come back to this article later.

There are many possible ways to boost or increase your Swagbucks quickly. Here I'm discussing the Top 20 ways to do that:

1. Participate in surveys

Swagbucks Surveys
Of course, the main motive of the website itself! Participate in surveys every day. If you're not eligible to survey, move on to the next one. They host quite a bunch of surveys every day.

2. Shop via Swagbucks

Amazon - Swagbucks
By 'Swagbucks', I don't want you to purchase from their store. Next time, when you purchase something from Amazon or other online store, be sure to use their link instead of heading to Amazon.com directly. By doing that, you'll get 7 SB for every $1 of purchase. If you make a purchase of $20, you get 140 SB in cashback, which equals to $1.4. So you get $1.4 for just going from a different link, any reason not to do that?

3. Use Swagbucks to search the web

Ever imagined of getting paid for doing web searches? If you use their search engine instead of Google or other search engines to search the web, you can make some more money. They'll give you 1 SB for some random web searches (they're less frequent though).
Just set your homepage to http://search.swagbucks.com and use it for searches.

4. Watch videos

Surprised? Yes, this is true. You can make some $$ by just watching videos on their site! However, there is a limitation to it. You can't watch more than 150 videos a day.  The amount of SB being paid to you varies from video to video depending upon their length, category and sponsor behind them.

5.  Play games

Play games to earn money. Wow. I mean really, wow. Is this even possible? Fortunately, yes!
You can play games from wide range of categories on their website and earn SBs.

6. Install apps

New developers and publishers want to make their apps popular in the quickest way possible. They team up with Swagbucks and pay you SB for installing their Android or iOS apps. You may be asked to spend a specific amount of time on those apps to get paid succesfully.

7. Participate in special offers

Special Offers
Many sponsors often host offers. You need to check out your dashboard regularly to keep an eye on them. Some sponsors may ask you to sign up to their website, or register for a service or try one of their products and in return, they pay you SB. These offers are time limited but pay an handsome amount of SB.

8. Participate in polls

Everyday, Swagbucks creates poll where you can vote your choice and quickly gain 1 SB. You can also create your own polls and make some more SB.

9. Use Referrals

You can get as much as 10% of SBs from verified users who registered from your refereed link and participated in surveys. In return, the new user will get 10 SB. There are no limits to how many people you refer to use the service. The more, the better!

10. Get some Swag Codes

A Swag Code is a piece of code that you can apply in the Swag Code box of your profile to instantly get some SB. These Swag Codes can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages of the blog.
Complete details on Swag Codes can be found here:

11. Get Swagbucks Add-on!

Get their Add-on or extension for your Chrome or Firefox Internet browser. This helps you to notify when new deals, offers, swag code, surveys etc are available to you.

12. Bookmark or Favorite Links

When you visit some sites occasioanlly (but not regularly), search for those sites in Swagbucks search engine and then bookmark the links. This way, whenever you visit those sites, those will be treated as a search query and ultimately, you'll see a rise in SB count.

13: Finish your daily goal

Keep an eye on the daily goal meter. As soon as you finish it, you'll be rewarded with some more SB.

14. Check your Swagbucks inbox

Swagbucks team often comes up with new ways to help you earn more SB. What you have to do is, keep checking your SB Inbox for new messages to stay informed.

15. Install Swagbucks Toolbar

Swagbucks Toolbar option can be found under the 'Learn More' option of the search box on Swagbucks homepage. This toolbar can help you in multiple ways to earn more SB per day.

16. Use Swagbucks every Friday on your phone!

You can earn much more SB than usual days on Friday if you use your phone instead. They exclusively give more offers and deals to their users on Fridays.

17. Follow them on Instagram

Follow them their to get their pics posts news and Swag Codes!

18. Follow them on Twitter

Follow them their to get their latest tweets and Swag Codes...

19. Follow them on Facebook

Follow them on Facebook to stay informed with all the new updates and Swag Codes

20. Follow their blog

Last, but not the least. You can follow their blog and stay updated with all the things that's being cooked inside! To follow their blog, visit their homepage > Sign up > then look for 'Blog' at the bottom of their Homepage.

Thanks for reading! Happy swagging!

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